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Instagram 4 SMBs

8 Tested Instagram Marketing Hacks for Local Businesses

With the growing popularity of Instagram, when over one billion people use the platform each month, it can be a good marketing tool to gain exposure for your local business. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms with the most…

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promote blog posts in Facebook groups

How to promote blog posts in Facebook groups [CASE STUDY]

So -you’ve written kick-ass content offering *tons* of value, and now you’re clueless how to promote your blog post in Facebook groups without sounding self-promotional and getting kicked out of the group for it? Well, there’s a way to promote…

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visnja postfity user

How I Grow My Consulting Business by Posting Thoughtful Content on Linkedin using Postfity, Every Day [CASE STUDY]

We sure love when our own customers send us their success stories! 🧡 So we were delighted when Visnja Zeljeznjak wrote to us and told us her story about how she grew her consulting business by posting her thought leadership content…

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5 history of social media postfity

Repurposing your content for Social Media + useful tools

Succeeding at content marketing is not about working harder. It’s about working smarter. Producing more content is not the key to success. What is then? Repurposing content for different promotion channels! In my other blog post I have discussed the different Content…

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Content snare

7 Must-Have Social Media Tools for Agencies + Content Marketing Platforms

Content marketing and social media marketing agencies often manage multiple personas for different brands and businesses they represent. Also, keeping track of each brand’s voice can seem like a daunting task. To add to the complexity, agency-client relationships often involve…

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grow twitter following

How to grow your Twitter following *fast* – from 0 to 3000 followers in 4 months

If you’re running a social media agency – a lot of your clients may want you to help them grow their Twitter following. Fast. This is exactly the mission I had to do a few years ago in my agency.…

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Update on credit card payments

  Update (30 June 2020) We have completed integration of new card payment provider ( Existing users which subscription periods are ending should follow these steps: 1. Close your current subscrition from Settings page. 2. Create new subscription from Upgrade…

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Instagram vs Pinterest for Business + Instagram growth strategy

How to use Instagram vs Pinterest for business? What are the main differences between them? Which business goals are Instagram and Pinterest best for? And how to achieve them on each platform? Check out the no-bs guide below! The different…

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promote blog posts in Facebook groups

10 Ways of Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Facebook is one of the most efficient social media platforms to market a business because of its versatility. You can either publish text-only social posts or include videos or photos, making the content shared more engaging.  There are also different…

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How Martin of saves 8 hours per month with Postfity [CASE STUDY]

A whole 8-hour working day per month. That’s what Martin Večeřa, CEO of, saves on social media marketing every month with And for a 100% bootstrapped startup, saving an extra day per month is *HUGE*. is a work management and…

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