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Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook is turning 16! How has FB changed over the years? 👉 See Facebook 2004, with screenshots

Can you remember when and why you joined Facebook? It was the summer of 2008, I just graduated high school, was volunteering at a summer camp in Germany, when a girl asked me for my ‘Facebook’. – My what?! –…

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Linkedin January Post Ideas

8 LinkedIn January Post Ideas – What topics will be trending on Linkedin in January?

By Jeniffer Broflowski While you may be still in a festive spirit, you should be slowly starting to plan your content for the following year. Once the fireworks die down and the confetti settles after the New Year’s Eve, you…

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The State of Social in 2020 - what changes have social media platforms introduced in 2019? What are we expecting in 2020?

The State of Social in 2020 – what changes have social media platforms introduced in 2019? What are we expecting in 2020?

And just like that, in a blink of an eye, we are bidding 2019 goodbye. While it may be the season for making new year resolutions, it also the season for social media experts and “idea leaders” to start making…

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12 Days of Christmas Facebook Post Template

12 Days of Christmas Facebook Posts Templates – and Other Christmas Social Media Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

12 Days of Christmas is one of the most popular post formats on both Facebook and Instagram these days – and for a good reason – it’s perfect for boosting engagement with your page and raising brand awareness. 12 Days…

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Webinar Pitch121

10 Best Tactics for Using LinkedIn to Start Conversations with Potential Customers

LinkedIn is an unbelievably powerful social network. It has 610 million users worldwide, almost half of whom are active monthly. Of those active users, around 40 per cent are on LinkedIn every single day. And yet LinkedIn tends to lag…

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The key to a successful Facebook Hashtag Strategy in 2020

What is the best hashtag strategy for Facebook? Even though Facebook is the most popular of social media and has had hashtags for a few years – the opinions are divided  hashtags really ‘work’ on Facebook. Using Hashtags on Facebook in…

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How to Promote a Restaurant on Facebook Organically? 33 Facebook Post Ideas for Restaurant Owners + Restaurant Post Calendar from the “Mango Queen”

There are dozens of restaurants serving traditional international cuisine in Bedford Place in Southampton: Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Bangladeshi, Lithuanian, traditional English pubs…but none of them is quite like Lakaz Maman – a tiny Mauritian Street Food restaurant, with brightly…

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New Facebook interface has arrived! 6 major changes in the FB beta… See what it looks like! 👇

Facebook rolled out its new interface a few weeks ago – picking random users to test it and provide feedback on their experience. One of Postfity team members got lucky and we are happy to report on the 6 major…

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Christmas social media ideas for ecommerce

7 Best Christmas Social Media Marketing Ideas and Tactics For eCommerce

As an ecommerce business owner,  the best way to lift your spirits during the holidays is by boosting your eCommerce sales. Fortunately, there are quite a few marketing opportunities that you can capitalize on during this annual period of spending.…

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