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How Martin of saves 8 hours per month with Postfity [CASE STUDY]

A whole 8-hour working day per month. That’s what Martin Večeřa, CEO of, saves on social media marketing every month with And for a 100% bootstrapped startup, saving an extra day per month is *HUGE*. is a work management and…

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Linkedin automation tools

10 Best Linkedin Automation Tools to Grow Your Business

When you hear about “huge social media platform with millions of users”, you probably think about Facebook first. But this description matches one more platform you can’t ignore. LinkedIn boasts an astounding number of over 690 million users from more than 200…

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Linkedin poll - challenges

How to Use LinkedIn Polls for Lead Generation

On 12 May, Linkedin introduced polls – finally catching up with other social media platforms. And with the larger organic reach (to encourage feature adoption) – it is an amazing tool for collecting feedback, new subscribers, gauging sentiment, as well…

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8 Social Media Contest Ideas to Boost Your Engagement

Social media contests work incredibly well if they are properly organized. The right social media contests can engage the audiences, draw people’s attention, create brand loyalty, and more. In this article we collected the best ideas for contests on your…

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coronavirus and social media marketing

Coronavirus Social Media Pro Tips – How to Leverage Social Media During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a paradigm shift in the way the world interacts. With millions of people out of work and small businesses struggling to stay afloat, social media use is up 44% worldwide.  Many businesses are working to…

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TickTock Content Strategy Tip 2

TikTok Content Strategy – How to Develop a Marketing Strategy for TikTok?

By now, you’re more than likely familiar with TikTok. But do you know how to create a TickTock content strategy to leverage the popular platform for your business? In this post, we are going to explain why you need a…

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Linkedin Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Linkedin Marketing

Learn how to navigate through Linkedin as a marketing platform and the bests ways to do so!

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing

Take your Tweets to the next level – grab our ultimate guide to Twitter marketing below!

Instagram Marketing with logo and coordinating colors

The Ultimate Guide of Instagram Marketing

Read our Utlimate Guide to Instagram Marketing – a platform 800 million monthly users,more than 60 million photos posted, and 1.6 billion “likes”!

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing

This ultimate Facebook marketing guide will show you how to keep your customers informed, develop brand identity, and broaden your market using Facebook.