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The most interesting startups we found on Websummit 2019 – a goldmine of apps that will make your life easier

‘Glastonbury for Geeks’, ‘Olympics for Nerds’, or simply ‘the world’s largest tech conference’ – now that the dust after Websummit has settled, and the headaches after one-glass-of-Port-too-many are long gone, it’s time to look at the most interesting startups we…

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Best Black Friday Campaigns

Black Friday Social Media Posts Inspiration – Best Black Friday Campaigns by Big Brands

Black Friday is coming! A stressful time for everybody working in retail. Don’t worry – we got your back –  at least when it comes to posting on social media 😉 Grab our Black Friday Social Media Posts Inspiration –…

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how to integrate email marketing with social media marketing

How to integrate social media marketing with email marketing?

Email marketing and social media marketing are currently the two most popular instruments in digital marketing. But the marketing industry is divided as to which one is more effective: There are marketers who swear blind email marketing is more effective, and strong advocates…

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Twitter featured image

10 Major Twitter Promotion Errors to Avoid When Promoting Your Brand

Twitter is one of the most robust platforms for online marketing, especially for B2B and technology businesses. More and more SaaS and tech companies are turning into Twitter – often amassing impressive followership – but not few actually know how…

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Best Christmas Presents for Remote emoployees featured img

Best Christmas Presents for Remote Workers – 11 gift ideas that will make every remote employee happy

What are the best Christmas presents for Remote workers?  Looking for Christmas presents to give to your remote employees? We asked members of Virtual Assistants Saavies, a Facebook group for Virtual Assistants (who are the life definition of remote workers…

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Holiday Marketing Calendar 2019 – Best Holiday Social Media Post Ideas to Boost Sales in the Holiday Season!

End of the year is rife with holidays – how to use the busy holiday season at the end of the year best to boost your sales? Grab our Holiday Marketing Calendar and see our holiday social media post ideas…

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What is Singles’ Day? 3 Unusual Singles’ Day Social Media Post Ideas That Will boost your Engagement

People in China will soon (11/11) be wishing their friends a ‘Happy Singles’ Day’. What is a Singles’ Day and how can you use it in your business? Postfity explains and shows you the best Single’s Day Social media campaigns…

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Cheaper Hootsuite Alternatives

Cheaper Hootsuite alternatives – pricing comparison for 4 different social media schedulers

Looking for cheaper Hootsuite alternatives for your agency or Virtual Assistant business? Which Hootsuite alternative will be best for you depends on what you need: more social media accounts more scheduled posts (a.k.a. “pending posts”) cheaper monthly plans overall …or…

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Tools for Virtual Assistants

8 Must-have FREE tools for Virtual Assistants

Dreaming of laptop-lifestyle or spending more time with family at home? Considering becoming a Virtual Assistant? Great! To succeed as a VA though, you need to be perfectly organised, manage your time well and communicate in a timely and professional…

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Christmas social media campaign

5 Ways How to Make Your Christmas Social Media Campaign Stand Out

There is no denying that Christmas is big business for virtually every brand. But with so many bells jingling around, you really need to try hard to make your Christmas social media campaign stand out. And no, it isn’t enough…

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