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Influencer or advocacy marketing?

Have you ever wondered if the decisions you make are your own, personal choice or maybe you’ve been influenced by someone or something? We all live in the world full of information that comes to us from different sources and…

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google plus

Google+ now available in Postfity!

A new feature in Postfity –  Google+ already available! We are glad to announce that Postfity has been granted official Google partnership! Thanks to that we were able to integrate publishing to Google+ into our service. Our new feature might be…

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Make your day more productive – tips

Have you ever felt that the every second of your day could’ve been better? Here in Postfity we care about your time so we came up with some tips that should make your day more productive and enjoyable. 1. Start…

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11 best marketing tools

Hey Marketers, we would like to share our favorites marketing tools to make your work easier :) Slack These days communication is very important, not only because people are trying to get fast responses, but also because we live in…

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Storytelling in social media communication

You probably remember this wonderful time as a kid when you were just lying comfortably in the bed and your parent was telling you adventures of superheroes, beautiful princesses and courageous knights. Stories are with us all the time and…

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Awesome image gallery now built in Postfity! (new feature)

Looking for free images sources for your social media? Look no further! Postfity’s image editor has now built in images search! All images are free to use – they currently come from Pixabay. Another source (Unsplash) is on the way.…

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Everything you need to know about Instagram

Instagram – nowadays everyone knows it. This unique platform permits to tell the story through visual content. Why is it such a powerful marketing tool? Why should you use it for your brand promotion? How to prepare a proper Instargam…

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Top 8 ideas for content marketing

Lack of inspiration might be irritating, especially when deadlines are piling up and you have to come up with some brilliant idea quickly. Below you will find the answer where to find useful content inspiration. No matter if you are…

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Top 10 Chrome extensions for marketers in 2018

For many of us, social media have become a workspace recently. We are digital marketers or social media specialist and if we want to use its whole potential – we are obligated to learn how to manage this new way…

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Facebook API changes – groups & Page mentions

Due to recent changes that Facebook introduced to their API, 3rd party apps like Postfity have been affected. Currently two features are not available through our platform: publishing to Facebook groups pages mentions We have already raised request through recent…

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