How to get more content shares on LinkedIn

You create a perfect content for your website and fan pages, click the share button and then you are waitin that the traffic on your web site will jump up dramatically, don’t you? ūüėČ However the thing is that it stays the same, stable with no jumps up. Typically it is hard to make people share your content and leave comments.

If you have a blog, it has wider audience, however via LinkedIn you can reach professionals and leaders.

Here are the main tips you should keep in mind :

1. Focus on industry insights

The difference betweet Facebook and LinkedIn posts is that on LinkedIn you concentrate on professionals, who are interested in their career delelopment/ growth. Therefore you should build your content around two topics: the industry and company area.

For example, I am one of your LinkedIn contacts and why should I share your post? Well maybe because it is informative and helps me to grow as a proffesional. See the point?

2. Engage your employees , find the leader

Use your employees power in order to promote your company. Find a leader, a person who is enthusiastic about marketing and your LinkedIn startegy, ask this person to share passionate thought in LinkedIn posts about industry, skills developmen, giving some advices etc. It is nice to have a company blog, but the audience will be wider , however imagine your company CEO publishing some cool posts, representing company image and industry, this atrracts specific audience. Your leader can make them excited and motivated. These poeple can promote your comnpany LinkedIn posts and make others to participate in online discussions. Imagine that each employee has aroind 200-300 connections on LinekdIn , so 10 employees can have 2000-300 connections , and here how you define the potencial power of your LinekdIn content to be shared, promoted. explain it to your employees, share your thought, maybe in one of your superpower motivation Linedk In posts.

3. Content recycling

If you have your blog/company blog and a lot of nice content there you can still reuse it on Linkeidin, to reach the specific audience , specific target group of people you have not reached with your usual blog. You can call it a niche. You will be surpried if some blog posts which seems to be not that perfect, will bring more traffic to your page if you post it on LinkedIn. Maybe the reason is not the bad content but wrong target?

4. Profile optimization

It may soun dboring at the beginning, however the person profiles of your employees is significant. of causrse you should not forse anyone to change thir linkedIn profile, but you can suggest and help your employees to make it look better, more proffesional, share some tips with them. You can laways suggest ask them to correct industry description, experience section, link their posistion to the LinkedIn company page and so on. You can motivate them to endorse their colleges’ for skills and connect with company groups, to build a strong proffesional company community.

5. Measure the engagement

Writing cool content is good, but don’t forget to analyze the results. You can do it directly on LinkedIn, just click on “View page Insights” and you will see the general information about visitis to your LinkedIn profile/page.