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As far as scheduling to social media is concerned, Postfity has a lot to offer. Our ingenious features helped further numerous careers and propel multiple social media campaigns.

If you’d like to learn how to utilize all the different functionalities that Postfity provides in specific scenarios, then study these articles and learn from the best. Read the technical user stories and find out how to set your project in motion with Postfity.

Monika Czaplicka Postfity User Stories

User Stories: On crises, trolls and keeping social media social – how a best-selling author and social media agency owner Monika Czaplicka uses Postfity to grow her business

CEO of Wobuzz social media agency is a sociologist, social media expert, activist, speaker, businesswoman and a best-selling author. She became a key opinion leader on social media crises after her first book ‘Managing Crises in Social Media’ sold out soon after publication. We talk managing brand image on social media, keeping social media social…