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How to use Facebook for B2B SaaS marketing?

Facebook has long been a staple in B2C consumer goods marketing (all these retargeting ads chasing you around once you’ve visited any e-commerce site?) – but a lot of SaaS businesses have shunned the biggest western social media platform altogether. After all, B2B SaaS business users and buyers hang out mostly on LinkedIn, right? Wrong….

promote blog posts in Facebook groups

How to promote blog posts in Facebook groups [CASE STUDY]

So -you’ve written kick-ass content offering *tons* of value, and now you’re clueless how to promote your blog post in Facebook groups without sounding self-promotional and getting kicked out of the group for it? Well, there’s a way to promote (we shouldn’t actually call it ‘promote’! We should call it ‘share love’ 😉 ) your…

promote blog posts in Facebook groups

10 Ways of Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Facebook is one of the most efficient social media platforms to market a business because of its versatility. You can either publish text-only social posts or include videos or photos, making the content shared more engaging.  There are also different types of marketing techniques that can be used on this social media platform. How can…

How to Promote a Restaurant on Facebook Organically? 33 Facebook Post Ideas for Restaurant Owners + Restaurant Post Calendar from the “Mango Queen”

Update: 23.08.2021 There are dozens of restaurants serving traditional international cuisine in Bedford Place in Southampton: Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Bangladeshi, Lithuanian, traditional English pubs…but none of them is quite like Lakaz Maman – a tiny Mauritian Street Food restaurant, with brightly coloured walls and cheerful, turquoise, yellow, green and orange interior. What sets Lakaz Maman…