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How to prepare an effective social media marketing plan?

Running your own business is not a ‘piece of cake’. It requires knowledge, experience, creativity, the good skill of leadership and persistence. However, starting it might be even more difficult than just later coordination. In this article, we present 6 steps for effective social media marketing plan, which is an essential part of the startup/business plan.

1. Set your goals

This step is crucial. Without knowing where you are heading to, it’d be hard to take any direction. That is why before taking any action, think of your business goals. You may be inspired by some of those:

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Establishing customer loyalty and a trusting relationship with your audience base
  • Using social media targeting to reach your core audience
  • Using social media as a platform to inform potential customers about your products and promotions

Keep it simple and clear, so you could always go back to it.

2. Research target audience

Knowing your target group will be very helpful while planning your social media and making a marketing plan. Apart from content, which must resonate with your clients/viewers, it’s good to know which social media are useful in your case. For some businesses, it’s better to put energy only to one or two channels, but for others, it might be better to invest in many. Think of who you want to get to through your social media campaign, and then do it! At this moment Postfity will be a great help- with us scheduling and creating the content is a way easier! ;)

3. Examine the competition

Knowing and having good relations with your friends is natural, but knowing and having good relations with your enemies…? Yeah…check out who is offering similar services on the market, even before you start doing anything. By doing that, you may see what else is needed in this field and how to be original.

4. Check which metrics are meaningful to your goals

Establishing which metrics are meaningful to the goals you’ve set in step 1 is an essential part of your overall strategy. Watching only likes, follows and shares without any comparison is useless in a long-distance view.

If you want to get a headstart, you can use relevant platforms such as Design Rush to help you find reliable digital marketing agencies and employ one which will help you establish the most important metrics and track relevant data consistently. These will be things such as audience engagement, post reach, clicks per campaign, hashtag performance, etc.

However, with Postfity you may also make a basic analysis of your results. In an ‘analysis’ chart, you will find all that is needed ;)

5. Post engaging content

At first glance creating interesting and engaging content seems quite easy task, however when it comes to being creative constantly, even during those ‘bad days’is not that easy in the end… That is why Postfity offers ‘post ideas’ section, where you may look up some ideas for your content, regarding the field that interests you the most.

6. Maintain a helpful and engaging presence

In the end, setting everything up is one thing, but then to sustain it is also very important. Simple interaction  through content might be enough in some cases, or – if it’s not enough – then you need to use your creativity and proper tools to improve it ;) For each business, it’s totally different, that is why we will not give you one golden rule, that will resolve all the problems.

To sum up

Following those steps might help you to clarify and write down your business marketing strategy, especially if you have nothing but an idea for now. Once you do this, it’s easier to put it in practice. Also remember, that in these days, you have so many marketing tools, that will help you to grow your business in different stages! Postfity is one of those ;)