What are the Best Hours to Post on Social Media?

Sometimes you may have great material, select best images, raise a very interesting and original topic… but the post gets little to none engagement, while the previous post, linking to an old and outdated article is gaining more popularity.

Things like this can occur when you post content at random time of a day or in all of the social media channels at the same time. How to avoid such mistakes?

CoSchedule Blog made a brilliant analysis of data taken from 16 different studies, which can help You to schedule posts to gain the biggest audience possible.

with Postfity it’s easy to schedule different time of posting for each channel separately


Facebook is a massive platform, on which it’s very easy for your post to be unseen for the potential receiver in the feed of hundreds of other posts. That’s why it’s very important on this platform to understand how often and at what times people tend to use it and react to the stuff they see.

According to Social Bakers, main rule that needs to be remembered is to post less than twice a day and more than twice a week. Due to their research brands that don’t follow this rule either don’t make a bond with receiver due to lack of activity or irritate their audience with spam-like content.

bec07483-419f-4f29-979e-0fb791b3c866 Most popular brands on Facebook, on average posts only 1 thing a day

This rule doesn’t apply to media brands which use social media feeds to deliver the actual news. In this case, daily post count will always be dependable on the amount of important news from a specific sector.

With the information that it’s advisable to post only 10 things a week on Facebook, it’s crucial to choose only valuable and quality material – keeping in mind that it will probably be the only information from Your blog or Facebook page, that someone will see that day.

The best time to post on Facebook:


To have more personalized results – just check when your audience is online. Go to page management on Facebook, click on “Insight” menu and then select “Posts”. Clear graph showing at what time your fans reacts and see posts will be displayed.



It may seem that due to its short and expressive form of messages – people tweet just at the moment when they think of something or see something they wanna talk about.

Nothing more wrong! Twitter can be even trickier than Facebook to schedule post calendar. If you direct the message to other brands and businesses – then it’s wiser to post during weekday working hours, but if Your main target is an individual – it’s better to post during the weekend.

Did you ever notice something strange – tweet posted at a perfect time gains strangely little engagement? Maybe it’s because of the same mistake that HubSpot blog author did.

Mentioning someone in the tweet usually is done like this:

@GordonRamsay What do You think of my breakfast?

It’s common to think that by this you will gain the attention of the mentioned person and your audience will see this as well. But it doesn’t work like that.

Starting a tweet with an “@” instead of a character will make it visible only by people who follow You and the person you mentioned

Always start tweets with a character



When posting something on the “professional” network, you need to understand who and when is using it.

LinkedIn connects business people in their business relations during business hours. It should be obvious that people don’t check their professional feed, with mostly co-workers and leaders of opinion, on Friday evening after a week of work.

What else should I know about timing?

There is one small tip, that can boost post coverage. When scheduling a post, always set the time of posting few (5-7) minutes before, or after the full hour – the time for new shifts, meetings, news in radio and other stiff events.

People tend to check socials just before or just after meetings, which can often prolong few minutes.

People always check social media in their last few minutes before works start – just before 8 or 9 AM, and they don’t do it in first few minutes after they start a shift.

News in TV or Radio usually lasts for 5-7 minutes, and after those people check what they hear or want to check if someone else also has an opinion about a certain subject.

When you have clever and original content, and connect it with scheduling posts at the optimal time, it’s nearly guaranteed to engage your audience like never before.

Grow Your Subscribers (7)

7 Facebook Marketing Tips to Generate More Leads Today!

The traditional ways of advertising are considered a thing of the past. Reason being, with the innovations of various social media platforms, who needs to run paper advertisements anymore? The one social media platform that has completely revolutionized the way that businesses can generate leads and sales is Facebook. With nearly 2 billion active users Facebook alone – it’s much easier for businesses to connect with their audience and drive sales. [1]With that being said, here are 7 Facebook Marketing Tips to Generate More Leads Today!

Create a Contest


If you are planning on using Facebook to generate more leads, one of the best marketing tips is to create a contest, sweepstakes or giveaway. The reality is, everyone likes free stuff. The goal of a contest is for you to connect with your audience-base and secure a lot of emails in exchange for a free product giveaway.

Now, how does this benefit you? Well, you effectively used the best marketing platform for hosting a contest, generated thousands of emails – guess what? You can use these emails to create custom emails dedicated to driving more and more leads! On top of this all, this will help drive more traffic to your Facebook Page or Group, driving the likes up and the talking about number up.

For more information on how to run and create your own Facebook Contest, click here for more information!

Call to Action Images


Many businesses underestimate the power of call to actions. If you are not telling your audience exactly what to do, you can expect them to ignore whatever you are attempting to advertise. With that being said, it’s time for businesses to be creative and use every inch of space Facebook provides.

One of the best Facebook marketing tips to generate more leads is to incorporate more call to actions on your images, more specifically, your cover banner. Now, you might be wondering, how can you incorporate a call to action on an image? Well, check out this sample:

 Try Postify

This is just the beginning of a brand marketing tactic. After starting with your cover image, you produce featured images that have unique call to actions that may catch the attention of your specific audience.

Newsletter Signup Forms


No matter the type of business you are, you probably are sending out weekly or monthly newsletters. If you are not yet – this is one of the best ways to stay connected with your audience and driving sales. With Facebook, businesses can connect their email list managers with their page or group. In other words, you can customize a tab on your Facebook page or group where, if an individual provides their email, it will register on your email list through the host.

Now depending upon your email list manager, there are different ways to connect your list with your Facebook. Take the time to see what your list manager suggest as major managers like Constant Contact and Mailchimp have a very easy integration system.

Quality Content Posts


This will forever be one of the best marketing tips for any business seeking to use Facebook to generate leads. While yes, contests will help drive leads and so will call to actions, without high-quality content posts that are intriguing to your audience, you might as well just throw the flag in. There is a reason why many businesses will hire social media managers to develop daily quality posts for their audience; it’s that important!

The idea of “Content is King” remains true for Facebook marketing as well. You see, when it comes to your Facebook page, according to a recent study on Social Samosa, only 1% of the people that like your page will visit your page. Today, in order to keep in touch with your audience, you need to publish content that will catch their attention on their news feed.

For more on that case study, please check it out here!

If you want to learn more about creating quality content posts, watch this YouTube video

Daily Interaction


As you will learn if you watch the YouTube video above, one of the most important aspects of creating quality content posts on Facebook is interaction with your audience. Now, with this marketing tip, we are not talking strictly about quality content posts. We are talking about taking the time to directly engage with your audience aside from posting new content. This could mean posting questions for your audience members to answer, doing shout-outs, or “going live”.

Through connecting with your audience on a deeper level, you build a connection and trust with each individual. For example, through utilizing Facebook Live, you can communicate directly with your audience and answer any of their questions, live! Why do you think so many businesses are going live every day? It WORKS and DRIVES LEADS, period!

Define Your Audience Base


One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when using Facebook to market a product or their company is improper audience development. In other words, they have no idea who their audience really is. With that being said, it’s important to properly develop and define who your real audience base is in order to begin generating authentic leads. You might be wondering, great well if I don’t know who my audience is, how can I create one?

Well, we have written an extensive post all about how to develop an audience. If you have not taken the time or seen this article, read our guide on How to Develop a Successful Facebook Audience in 4 Steps!



The last Facebook Marketing Tip that we have for you today is all about remarketing. Sadly, many businesses are missing this wonderful opportunity. This is all about utilizing Facebook Advertisements to market to your current targeted list of customers, hence remarketing. The purpose of this tactic is to purely increase leads with proven leads. It makes sense once you think about it! If you have already driven individuals to your Facebook Page or website to buy a product, shouldn’t you market to them or like-minded people?

Marketing On Facebook


Marketing on Facebook can be challenging and extremely costly if you are not aware of the different means to market. Today, you learned 7 DIFFERENT proven marketing tips that can help generate more leads for your business today. The goal is to incorporate a couple of these ideas and test them with your current audience.

If you find yourself too busy to post or that it takes too long, consider trying Postfity, which can save you a ton of time. Postfity is the best and number one posting manager across various social media platforms providing businesses with access to scheduling, engaging with audience members, and so much more. For more information, sign up here!

[1] https://newsroom.fb.com/company-info/

Three Easy Steps to Developing a Successful Facebook Ad

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It is an understatement to declare that Facebook advertising is one of the most popular and preferred methods of paid advertising in the marketing industry. The truth is, Facebook has developed an unstoppable and incomparable platform for paid advertising that, through proper design, technique and copy writing, an ad can develop a tenfold return on investment. Sadly, according to a study, only 4% of small businesses are actually utilizing this feature.
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Grow Your Subscribers (4)

The Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Subscribers



Grow Your Subscribers (4)

When it comes to driving sales, and leads, one of most effective tools that a website has is emails. The truth is, social media marketing, while quite popular in 2017, is not the best form of marketing. In fact, time and time again the experts always point back to establishing and growing a list of dedicated subscribers. Why? Email marketing is effective and it works. Once you are able to attract a subscriber, you already found an individual who is interested in what you will sell. With proper email marketing, an individual can begin making thousands of dollars with a mere list of 1,000 subscribers.

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tone of voice

Tone of voice – your brand’s personality

Did you ever think about your brand’s tone of voice?  And have you wondered how it turns people to your brand?

What’s your voice?

Ok, you definitely use a variety of channels, including social media, to communicate with your audience. But have you ever thought about how consistent this communication is? What makes people remember your brand?

Or rather – would they feel they had contact with your brand?

How do you communicate?

Look at the recent posts on your social media channels. Is their message consistent? Is it a value that you want to convey to your customers as a brand? Is your message clear? Continue reading


Do you need to use emoji?

Do you really have to use emoji in your brand’s communication? Emotions seem to be the clue in social media communication. Are they really necessary, when you represent your brand?

Short history of emoji

Emojis are based on the Japanese art of manga. Before emojis, there were emoticons to express person’s feelings or mood. They were created with punctuation marks, numbers or letters. They were different in Japan. Users from Japan popularized a style of horizontal emoticons – kaomoji, that can be understood without tilting one’s head to the left.

Emoticons popularity has grown with the popularity of social media. The breakthrough came when some devices have provided stylized pictures that do not use punctuation. The first emoji was created in Japan by Shigetaka Kurita in the late 90’s.

Emoji: research

In January 2017, researchers at the University of Michigan analyzed over 427 million messages input via the Kika Emoji Keyboard and announced that the Face With Tears of Joy was the most popular emoji. The Heart and the Heart eyes emoji stood second and third respectively. The study also found that the French used the emoji associated with love the most. People in countries with high levels of individualism, like Australia, France and the Czech Republic, used more happy emojis, while this was not so for people in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina, where people used more negative emojis in comparison to cultural hubs known for restraint and self-discipline, like Turkey, France, and Russia.[1]

Emotions are not the only emoji

It is known that if a company notes you and responds to your post – that is nice. However, do you need to use emojis to arouse the reaction as a company?? No! It will be better for your business to incline reaction rather than suggesting one.  Emoji may have, depending on the country, different meanings. For example, in Japan, crying emoji is telling that you’re sleeping. This is due to the iconography of the manga. Also, for some people, they are annoying. And those that enforce certain reaction, like a “gave us a smile, if…”.

Messages that are overloaded with emoticons irritate customers

Messages that are overloaded with emoji irritate customers


How do your fans use emoji

Emoji replace the quick response in social media communication. It is easier to respond to the message by clicking “Like”. Why? People are inherently lazy. If we have to choose between paths – difficult or easy, then choose the easy one. This is due to the functioning of our brain. Kahneman writes about this in his book “Thinking, fast and slow”. That’s why it’s easier to get emoji reactions than to get a comment. Emoji are on your side when it comes to calling of reactions in your audience. They can also give you feedback on what you call the reactions of your audience.Facebook, for example, since last year allows to react with emoji.

Reactions are now more valuable than likes

Reactions are now more valuable than likes

Respond to the others

You know that reactivity is important for the brand. Be more social in social media. Follow your favorites sites and accounts and gave them some reactions too.

So… to use or not to use emoji?

Use emoji as a spice.

Use emoji as a spice.

They cannot be the main course in your social media communication, but they can make your posts more interesting to your audience.

You can use all emoji with Postfity post editor

You can use all emoji with Postfity post editor

mobile photo

# 4 Tips How To Write For Mobile Users

You’ve got a responsive site and that is all you’ve done for your mobile clients? Well, it’s not enough. Mobile digital media time is now significantly higher at compared to desktop. This is not a temporary fashion. It’s a new way of life.

What does it mean to you? You need to change your way of thinking about text on more well…  mobile!

how to write for mobile users


Top 10 Slack features that could improve your work

There is no doubt that Slack is one of the hottest real-time messaging apps.  Many of you probably use it at work every day.  But did you know most people only use 20% of Slack’s capabilities? Here are 10 features that could improve your work.



Slack - top apps

Slack allows you to integrate messaging with other services and applications. For example, you can integrate your Slack with Twitter, to keep following your favorite accounts. Or you can integrate Google Hangouts, if you need video conferencing at your work (from December 2016  you can also use  Slack Video Calls instead). All integration option are available here: slack.com/services


Slack Threads

With Threads, you can branch off and have discussions around a particular message without having to skip to a different channel or direct messages. If you want to follow up part of any message you can kick off a detailed discussion on that particular topic by hovering over the message and clicking Start a thread. The right sidebar in Slack will open, and you can add your reply.

Create snippet


Quick switcher

You can simply change one conversation/channel/group to the other just by using the quick switcher.To switch just press Ctrl+K or click the search button bellow  Direct Messages.

Quick switcher button


Snippet post

This is a practical feature which allows you to share bits of code or text with your team.

It’s really easy to create. Click the “+ button next to the Slack message box. Then create a snippet – enter a title, select the file type from the menu and upload your code or text. When you’re finished, click Create Snippet.

You can also share your Snippet outside the Slack, just select “Create external link” in the More actions menu.

External link


Did you know, that the Slackbot can be your private full-time assistant? There are lots of things Slackbot can help you with. Here are some examples.

You can ask Slackbot to remind you about your tasks. Simply enter /remind into the text box. If you want to schedule a reminder for a specific time enter it into text box too (for example –  in 5 minutes) or set a date using the MM/DD/YYYY format.

slackbot reminder

If your Team Admin has enabled automatic responses, you can add them to your Slackbot via  Customize Your Team. You can add unique words or phrases that  Slackbot will use to respond to your team members.There are plenty of work-related uses for this – add a custom response for your office Wi-Fi password, or use this feature to have some fun if you like to.


You can find exactly what you need without wasting any time.

Search Slack for

#7 /collapse & /expand COMMANDS

By using these commands you can simply collapse files and expand them when you need. It’s very useful, especially, when your co-workers send you too many videos or GIFs.

collapse slack

#8 /away COMMAND

You can toggle between statuses using the /away command. If you have to step away from your computer – make it clear for your coworkers and change your status for /away.

away slack


To get notified when someone mentions phrase or word, adjust your settings to enable custom notifications. How can you set the highlighted words? Just select your name on the left corner, then click “Preferences” from the menu. Next, select “Notification settings” and scroll down to “Highlight Words”. Highlight Words SlackIn the text box you can add phrases and words which when mentioned will send you notification.

Highlight Words Slack

#10 /msg COMMAND

If you want to send quick private message to your coworker, no need to drop the current conversation. Use the following command to quickly open private message /msg @user [your message]. It takes much less time then open the Direct Message conversation.