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7 Facebook Marketing Tips to Generate More Leads Today!

The traditional ways of advertising are considered a thing of the past. Reason being, with the innovations of various social media platforms, who needs to run paper advertisements anymore? The one social media platform that has completely revolutionized the way that businesses can generate leads and sales is Facebook. With nearly 2 billion active users Facebook alone – it’s much easier for businesses to connect with their audience and drive sales. [1]With that being said, here are 7 Facebook Marketing Tips to Generate More Leads Today!

Create a Contest


If you are planning on using Facebook to generate more leads, one of the best marketing tips is to create a contest, sweepstakes or giveaway. The reality is, everyone likes free stuff. The goal of a contest is for you to connect with your audience-base and secure a lot of emails in exchange for a free product giveaway.

Now, how does this benefit you? Well, you effectively used the best marketing platform for hosting a contest, generated thousands of emails – guess what? You can use these emails to create custom emails dedicated to driving more and more leads! On top of this all, this will help drive more traffic to your Facebook Page or Group, driving the likes up and the talking about number up.

For more information on how to run and create your own Facebook Contest, click here for more information!

Call to Action Images


Many businesses underestimate the power of call to actions. If you are not telling your audience exactly what to do, you can expect them to ignore whatever you are attempting to advertise. With that being said, it’s time for businesses to be creative and use every inch of space Facebook provides.

One of the best Facebook marketing tips to generate more leads is to incorporate more call to actions on your images, more specifically, your cover banner. Now, you might be wondering, how can you incorporate a call to action on an image? Well, check out this sample:

 Try Postify

This is just the beginning of a brand marketing tactic. After starting with your cover image, you produce featured images that have unique call to actions that may catch the attention of your specific audience.

Newsletter Signup Forms


No matter the type of business you are, you probably are sending out weekly or monthly newsletters. If you are not yet – this is one of the best ways to stay connected with your audience and driving sales. With Facebook, businesses can connect their email list managers with their page or group. In other words, you can customize a tab on your Facebook page or group where, if an individual provides their email, it will register on your email list through the host.

Now depending upon your email list manager, there are different ways to connect your list with your Facebook. Take the time to see what your list manager suggest as major managers like Constant Contact and Mailchimp have a very easy integration system.

Quality Content Posts


This will forever be one of the best marketing tips for any business seeking to use Facebook to generate leads. While yes, contests will help drive leads and so will call to actions, without high-quality content posts that are intriguing to your audience, you might as well just throw the flag in. There is a reason why many businesses will hire social media managers to develop daily quality posts for their audience; it’s that important!

The idea of “Content is King” remains true for Facebook marketing as well. You see, when it comes to your Facebook page, according to a recent study on Social Samosa, only 1% of the people that like your page will visit your page. Today, in order to keep in touch with your audience, you need to publish content that will catch their attention on their news feed.

For more on that case study, please check it out here!

If you want to learn more about creating quality content posts, watch this YouTube video

Daily Interaction


As you will learn if you watch the YouTube video above, one of the most important aspects of creating quality content posts on Facebook is interaction with your audience. Now, with this marketing tip, we are not talking strictly about quality content posts. We are talking about taking the time to directly engage with your audience aside from posting new content. This could mean posting questions for your audience members to answer, doing shout-outs, or “going live”.

Through connecting with your audience on a deeper level, you build a connection and trust with each individual. For example, through utilizing Facebook Live, you can communicate directly with your audience and answer any of their questions, live! Why do you think so many businesses are going live every day? It WORKS and DRIVES LEADS, period!

Define Your Audience Base


One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when using Facebook to market a product or their company is improper audience development. In other words, they have no idea who their audience really is. With that being said, it’s important to properly develop and define who your real audience base is in order to begin generating authentic leads. You might be wondering, great well if I don’t know who my audience is, how can I create one?

Well, we have written an extensive post all about how to develop an audience. If you have not taken the time or seen this article, read our guide on How to Develop a Successful Facebook Audience in 4 Steps!



The last Facebook Marketing Tip that we have for you today is all about remarketing. Sadly, many businesses are missing this wonderful opportunity. This is all about utilizing Facebook Advertisements to market to your current targeted list of customers, hence remarketing. The purpose of this tactic is to purely increase leads with proven leads. It makes sense once you think about it! If you have already driven individuals to your Facebook Page or website to buy a product, shouldn’t you market to them or like-minded people?

Marketing On Facebook


Marketing on Facebook can be challenging and extremely costly if you are not aware of the different means to market. Today, you learned 7 DIFFERENT proven marketing tips that can help generate more leads for your business today. The goal is to incorporate a couple of these ideas and test them with your current audience.

If you find yourself too busy to post or that it takes too long, consider trying Postfity, which can save you a ton of time. Postfity is the best and number one posting manager across various social media platforms providing businesses with access to scheduling, engaging with audience members, and so much more. For more information, sign up here!


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How to Develop a Successful Facebook Audience in 4 Steps

Grow Your Subscribers (6)

The marketing culture has completely changed over the course of the past 20 years. To become successful in the marketing and advertising industry, companies and individuals must begin to adapt and utilize new forms of marketing and advertising. Today, the most utilized and widely recognized form of marketing and advertising is Facebook Advertising. This should not be a shocker when you imagine that nearly 1.8 billion people are using Facebook every single month. [1] If a company wishes to get a product out into the eyes of the world, what a better way than the most widely used social media ever invented.

While Facebook Advertising has revolutionized the culture of marketing in the 21st century, many people are constantly making a crucial mistake that ends up wasting hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, when using Facebooks platform. Do you know what the number one mistake is? Improper audience development. While over a billion of people may be using Facebook, through developing the wrong audience, it can become costly. With that being said, let’s not make that mistake ever again. Here, you are going to learn precisely proven tips and tricks to develop a successful Facebook audience and begin driving the sales and leads you desire.


The Most Common Mistakes

The number One Credit Tips and Tricks Website - (5)

When it comes to developing a Facebook audience, many businesses all run into the same problems. In making these mistakes, it completely sabotages the entire marketing campaign and ultimately becomes a waste of money. To better help you out, we are going to share with you a few of the most common mistakes that businesses make so that you can be sure to learn from their lesson.

  1. Large Audiences

One of the biggest mistakes that many businesses make is the attempt to target as many people as possible. In other words, instead of focusing on their true audience, companies end up focusing on tens of not hundreds of millions of people. The Facebook Marketing system is configured on different algorithms that allows for advertisements to perform at their best when the audiences are defined more specific.

If you want to learn how other companies utilize Facebook Audiences to their advantage, check out some case studies here!

  1. Non-Fans

Naturally, many companies believe focusing on individuals that are not in fan-base or their like-page is intelligent. The reality is, if you are planning on converting with Facebook Marketing, you are going to want to target your current fan-base. Think about this shocking statistic from Webtrends, when a company targets their fans on Facebook Advertising, the chances of clicking is nearly 700% more than non-fans.[1]

  1. The Importance of Images and Fans

Everyone has come across a Facebook Ad that has a weak, unattractive, or dull image. While this may seem like common sense to some, thousands of companies pick the wrong images, causing their entire campaign to fail. When you are picking the images for your advertisement campaign, your audience should be at the forefront of your mind.

For nearly 100 different case studies that discuss the importance of Facebook images and fans for audiences, check them out here!


The 4 Steps to Developing a Successful Facebook Audience

STEP NUMBER 1: GET ORGANIZEDThe number One Credit Tips and Tricks Website - (6)

The first step towards developing a successful Facebook Audience is to get organized. Now, there are multiple applications and programs available that users can use to get organized. For the sake of developing a Facebook Audience, we found that Microsoft Excel has been the perfect tool. If you plan on using another tool, simply adapt the changes as you see fit.

Design a Microsoft Excel file and label it “My Target Audience.” This will make it easier down the line when you are trying to find this document. It’s in this document that you are going to establish who your Facebook Audience is.

You are going to want to create FOUR separate tabs labeled: NAME, AGE, OCCUPATION, and LOCATION.


Once the excel sheet is organize, take the time to brainstorm the type of people that will be interested in your product, company, or website. Every single website, product, company – everything, has a very specific audience. This may take time to think about. The goal here is to CREATE a SAMPLE member in your audience. Once you can establish their name, age, occupation, and location, you are ready for the next step.


The number One Credit Tips and Tricks Website - (7)

As we discussed earlier, one of the biggest mistakes that thousands of companies make is creating extremely large audiences. You might think logically this is the smartest way to broadcast your product; however, this is extremely counterproductive to your wallet and budget. Now that we have the name, age, job, and location of a sample audience member, we must get specific! It’s time to really get to know your audience members.

This part may take the longest but it is also the most important. Through establishing the following categories, you will know precisely WHO your audience is and HOW to target them.

Add FIVE more tabs after LOCATION named: description, hobbies, interests, personality, and picture. Your excel sheet should look a little like this:


Again, take your time on this process. It’s important to consider each category and be as descriptive and detailed as possible. All of this information will be of utter importance when it comes to building the audience on Facebook’s system.


The number One Credit Tips and Tricks Website - (8)

By now, you should have an extremely clear idea of who your target audience is. Now, before you jump onto Facebook and begin uploading your audience, there are two more essential steps! With a clear idea in words of who your audience may be, it’s now time to get cheesy and put a face to the words. There are numerous royalty free stock free websites where you can find images of people that can match your audience.

You may be asking, why is this important? Well, through understand what your audience physically looks like and statistically looks like will help you with not only Facebook marketing but also establishing content and images that your audience will pay attention to.

For images, check out some of these top-notch websites:


The number One Credit Tips and Tricks Website - (9)

Congratulations, you officially established your FIRST target member in your audience. Would you be shocked if we were to say “that’s not all!” The reality is, you cannot base your entire audience on ONE SAMPLE person. It’s important to establish MULTIPLE target audience members, males and females. It’s now time to GET MORE target members. Rinse and repeat the first three steps but create different personas. Once you have established a wide variety of target members, you are ready and prepared.

Time for Facebook!

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With an established target audience, you are one step closer to beginning to attract a successful and lead-worthy audience. It’s important to know, there are multiple facets to establishing a successful Facebook Audience and Advertisement. Today, you merely learn one proven strategy that millions of companies utilize to discover who their audience is.

From here, it’s time to prepare high quality Facebook Advertisements, which is the other half of the battle. It’s important to know that marketing with Facebook, or marketing in general, is considered an investment. The goal is to maximum your results given the advertisement and the target audience. This takes research and dedication to mastering the developing of an audience and understanding how to use the power of Facebook advertising.

Three Easy Steps to Developing a Successful Facebook Ad

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It is an understatement to declare that Facebook advertising is one of the most popular and preferred methods of paid advertising in the marketing industry. The truth is, Facebook has developed an unstoppable and incomparable platform for paid advertising that, through proper design, technique and copy writing, an ad can develop a tenfold return on investment. Sadly, according to a study, only 4% of small businesses are actually utilizing this feature.
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The Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity

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It’s without question that the internet is constantly changing and getting more advanced by the minute. Now, getting organized or staying on-top of your to-do list can be extremely difficult if you are working in a highly intensive office. In other scenarios, maybe don’t have the tools to succeed or are aware of the thousands of productivity programs, applications or extensions that are created to help you.

With the recent innovation of web-based tools, the internet is becoming more like a cell-phone: with applications and extensions that are created to make your life easier. The reality is, today, we live in a world where there are dozens upon dozens of different means to increase productivity and knock down your to-do list.
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The Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Subscribers



Grow Your Subscribers (4)

When it comes to driving sales, and leads, one of most effective tools that a website has is emails. The truth is, social media marketing, while quite popular in 2017, is not the best form of marketing. In fact, time and time again the experts always point back to establishing and growing a list of dedicated subscribers. Why? Email marketing is effective and it works. Once you are able to attract a subscriber, you already found an individual who is interested in what you will sell. With proper email marketing, an individual can begin making thousands of dollars with a mere list of 1,000 subscribers.

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